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Just by opening the doors of our home, you will see that it is not just any bistro. You will travel to France non-stop.


Each piece that decorates it has a story behind it, nothing you see is put there by chance. We want you to feel at home and we

wanted to give it a very personal touch. The natural light that enters fills the bistrot with warmth and if you are lucky, you will find hidden rainbows.

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Our terrace has a je ne sais quoi that makes it special, perhaps because of the history that surrounds it, being at the foot of the Roman Church of San Pere and also because it is a pedestrianized place.


Sit down to enjoy the architecture, the movement of the trees and the tranquility with some delicious, 100% French tapas or a specialty coffee in an intimate and cozy space.

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As a good French home, products from our land could not be missing, such as cheeses, sausages and a wide selection of wines brought from France and the typical butter croissants baked every day.


Our kitchen is non-stop so you can come for breakfast,

have a brunch, enjoy our tapas, the menu of the day, our menu dishes and even have a drink if you wish.


Our menu changes according to the season but you will always find typical French dishes, yes, always with our personal touch.

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